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Q1 Marina: “Hi to everyone, now please bare with me. What is the bigger PICTURE?  I understand the DOT, I live the dot. I do not want to assume the bigger PICTURE. Any thoughts?”

A1 Jaylee: “The bigger picture takes many layers of ourselves into consideration. It goes from our tiny consciousness all the way to our superconsciousness. As we develop ourselves spiritually, we expand our knowledge and idea about the world and the universe incrementally – forever reaching into other layers and areas which we never knew about ourselves. Can I list a whole lot of areas that are not known by you right now? Yes! However . . . to do so would break the Law of Confusion. What is that you may ask? It is governing medium placed by your Soul and Spirit to keep you safe from knowledge that you are not ready for. Many of the layers which you may reach, are available to the Aspirant (you) when you have applied the knowledge in your life and you feel more confident than before. At each initiation, your ability and beliefs, knowing and momentum come to play and if you truly align and have integrated the teachings, you are allowed access to the new layer or area of your self. Spiritual work . . . in a nutshell . . . expands our ideas about ourselves testing to see if we believe/know and apply it or not. Each person sets their own pace – this is the universal law.”

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