Reaching across continents and timeless

Integrating the fields of service takes a community spread over the globe. Each person is like a flower in a garden and when the garden is rich with understanding, nourished by love and focussed on enlightenment . . . the colours and variety are evident.

Our Focus

And experience

” Is to share, care and dare! It is in our attitudes that we are daring, as we plunge into the core of what we are, surrendering who we have become. It is in our soul’s that we are sharing, as we uncover our spiritual inheritance and what is held for us. It is in our hearts that we are caring, as we hold true to our purpose on earth. “

– Inpowered Living

Wellness & Radiance

Many in our community have been trained as Hypnotherapists, Healers and Teachers. They come with a wide variety of qualifications from: Yoga, Artists, Bee Keeping, Herbal, Organic Food Growers, Natropathy, Hypnosis, Dowsing, Coaching, Traditional Massage, Hot Rock, Thai Massage, Meditation, Nutrition, Therapy and loads more.

A number of them are available for consultations one on one or over the phone or skype. Many of our community members who are in active wholistic service, have attended over a decade of international retreats and local seminars, having firmly learnt to stand inpowered in their field of vibrational medicine.






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