Timeless, reaching across continents

Integrating the fields of service requires a global community.  Each person is like a flower in a garden – when the garden is rich with understanding, nourished by love, and focused on enlightenment, the colours and variety are evident. 

Our Focus

“Is to share, care, and dare! In our attitudes, we are daring as we plunge into the core of what we are, surrendering to whom we have become. In our souls, we are sharing as we uncover our spiritual inheritance and all that is held for us. In our hearts, we are caring as we hold true to our purpose on earth.”

– Inpowered Living

It is our journey to serve in this reality with a focus on self-realisation, mastery and inner power.  Motivated in the heart and disciplined in mind, respectful of our mentors and unwavering in our trust, our journey has spanned 35 years with extensive travel, purpose, commitment and endurance. We have reached 15,000 attendees through workshops, seminars, retreats and one-on-one sessions. Respect, discipline and trust are the statutes we embody and live, and we encourage all to develop unconditional principles of dignity through consciousness.

Wellness & Radiance

InspireSpherecomprises a broad, eclectic community with a variety of training, talents, and qualifications. Some are hypnotherapists, healers, teachers, barristers, nutritionists, naturopaths, massage therapists, engineers. Others contribute to the community as organic food growers, beekeepers, life coaches, artists, web designers, hypnotists, dowsers and painters;  others serve in the hospitality industry, the medical field as nurses, doctors, in sales & marketing, or childcare. The list is endless.

Many in our community who are in holistic, active service have attended over a decade of international retreats and local seminars. As a result, they have learned to stand firmly empowered in their field of vibrational medicine. 

A number of these individuals are also willing to assist, coach and support others by making themselves available for one-on-one consultations over the phone or via Skype.




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