Date: 28 MARCH

Time: 9:30 am to 4:30pm (60 minute lunch break)

Fees: $200 (normally $349)

Contact: Nathan Waters


P: 0424734837



(combined with The Awakened Mind – scroll down)


This one day workshop is designed for people interested in self hypnosis to take charge and direct their life.

No previous experience in hypnosis is required.

You will learn to instantly and easily enter the self hypnotic state, creating positive suggestions to make lasting powerful changes in your life.

Learn from Paul G Balch – Internationally Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy Instructor and expert in the esoteric hypnosis field with over 30 plus years of experience globally.

Bring a pen, paper, pendulum and an open mind.

Its loaded with knowledge AND practical fun!

With Self Hypnosis you benefit in many ways:

  • Understand the different hypnotic states
  • Understand the power of self talk
  • Be more successful at achieving your goals
  • Be more successful with an improved memory
  • You will feel increased level of concentration
  • You will feel a new level of motivation
  • Build a stronger self-confidence
  • Build a healthier life by boosting your immune
  • Become more energised through deep restful sleep
  • Become more creative in working with your imagination
  • Time to relaxed and reduce stress in all areas of your life


All participants will gain access to receive a self hypnotic progressive relaxation, self hypnosis exercises and a hypnotic stress release breathing exercise recording to work with through our website.


  The Awakened Mind


This workshop is for willing participants who are aspiring to know what is unfolding in our current world and are ready to enter the unknown territory of a virgin future. In this workshop we explore many different topics according to the group mind.

We will explore the dynamics of the following concepts and more:

What in heaven’s name is happening in our world?

Understand the different levels of mind and dimensions

Explore and activate the esoteric aspects of the Brain

Understand Free will and its use

Learn how your ego really works

Learn about the life cycles in your life

Explore altered states and more

We can explore where we go in this program depending upon the participants.

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