About Paul G Balch


Paul Balch grew up in a family who played state level sports, including rugby, squash and boxing.  Growing up in Darwin Australia, he was urged to perform and be tough with four older siblings.  His need to prove his self worth and match the family achievements, denied him any self expression and uniqueness. As a young adult, he did a building apprenticeship and spent years in the medical field. His ability to fine tune his natural sensitivity developed during long hours hurrying around hospitals and tending to sick people. Like many in his profession, he was initiated into the catastrophes and small hours of the graveyard shift. In his experiences working with people in hospital, he developed a curiosity to know more and learn more into the human phenomenon.

From birth to death, he wanted to know the secrets. He wanted to know about the afterlife and where emotions were channelled once they were felt and what their purposes were. In a series of bursts over 15 years, he studied massage, anatomy and physiology, relaxation, hypnotherapy, psychology, meditation, energy healing, reiki, dreams, tarot, astral projection and alchemy. An eclectic combination of tools which he would come to treasure in later years.

Perhaps the most impacting experience which was carved into his path was a death experience he had, whilst in the remote Australian bush. From that point on, he met, studied and worked with a master of the development of human potential for 20 years. It was in these years that he got to meet a Tibetan Lama, a being of indescribable magnitude and knowingness, who currently mentors Paul as he teaches worldwide. In the 90’s, he was introduced to yoga and was instantly attracted to its gains and benefits and how he could apply his knowledge to the yogic world. Having worked with energy and emotional aspects of people’s bodies over many years, Paul could see many aspects of the yoga that could be enhanced to transform, heal and empower people even more. In the early 2000’s he met his wife and teaching partner, Jaylee and together they travel for most of the year, bringing awareness to the human spirit and awakening in individuals, their true potential through various modalities including their sequence of Ultimate Yoga©. Paul is certified as a Hypnosis Instructor, in Pain Management through Hypnosis, and Medical Hypnosis to add to the ever-growing list…

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