The Divine Gardener

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‘You have never learned to be your own person and your allergies give you a perfect chance to ponder how you can change this and honour the person that you are inside – the person born with a unique dream . . .’



This is the first of its kind and we are focused on understanding nature through the eyes of a conscious gardener. There may be tips about actual gardening or books but mostly it will extend to another kind of gardening – the kind which allows us to change and weed and seed our inner garden. Nature offers so much for us to get to know about ourselves and in the words of Edgar Cayce –  ‘he who understands nature, walks close with god (or the Divine).’

Have you ever wondered how it is that a small seed, grown in darkness, alone and seemingly abandoned by its parent, can ignite a flame of desire so great that it bursts forth from the earth in an eagerness that astounds the senses? Now that may seem to be still believable, given the earth and its nutrients and the water which gives life and nourishes it. But then comes the next part and when it prompts beautiful green leaves to unfold as it reaches towards the sunlight, it still remains within reason and understanding. But it is the last part which I would like to draw focus to and to make it clear, I need to ask you to imagine the Da Vinci painting of Adam and god and how their fingers reach for each other. What is evident is that Adam is barely lifting a finger and god seems to be doing most of the work!

9 months of glorious IMMERSION!

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