The Sacred Garden


Registration IS REQUIRED (see above for link)
Access to 12 sessions of Inner Lights each 3rd week of the month,
PLUS get access to 4 Basic Foundational Workshops.
A whole year of spiritual understanding to get you fired up and excited!
Subcription includes the following courses:
1) Your Four Bodies
2) Choice: The Game Changer
3) In the Space Between
4) Integrating the Aspects of Self

The Workshops will be spaced according to our yearly time table. We will notify you when the next one is beginning. Usually, the workshops are spaced every 3 months to give students a chance assimilate the knowledge. 12 months is the allotted time for completion of the 4 workshops. You will be notified 14 days in advance of the monthly sessions and you will need to be responsible for attending once the link is sent to you. If you notify us 24 hours in advance that you cannot make a monthly session, I will send you a link to access the recording for 48 hours of listening pleasure. There are no exceptions.

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