Transforming The Lucifer

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From the little Self in its world of little ideas to the Divine Self and its universe of conscious reality. The journey between the two can take lifetimes, but this can be reduced when conscious application of the knowledge shared in this Course, is undertaken!

(TTL) Transmutation Audios & Pathways

Purchase Downloadable Audios and Pathways for Transforming Your Lucifer. These audios can only be accessible if you Sign-up for the Course. In the event that you do not purchase these Audios, you may still access them via SoundCloud for the duration of the Course.

'The expression of a Divine Self must come about through study and the systematic surrender of ideas, that insist upon proclaiming an insecure version of the true self, as real." JB

All human want to further themselves in some way. Some begin at a very rudimentary level and some simply want to own more or become more in a certain field of work. Then there are those who want to become more through the development of an internal environment that allows for them to be in this world but not of it. This Course is for those seekers.


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