Brothers and Sisters of Service

Within one Sanctuary, through Christ Consciousness, under One God (Source – Primordial Creator)

The journey is vast and those that enter – enter with a deep respect, a hunger for the unfathomable and as orphans.

As orphans, having left behind the mother and father of the physical, the psychological family and the altered self, the journey is one that is navigated from within and not from without.

Once the consciousness realizes that it is not itself and it lies bare or experiences itself as something different, a journey of a different nature begins to unfold.

You know what you have forfeited and left behind. You will not exchange it for anything in this world.

How many people experience the Sanctuary – the place where you are free from the trials of life and the altered ego – and where you exist within God, with brothers and sisters?

Very few.

This phase of the journey is guided with wisdom by an internal compass and if you are fortunate, a sister or brother who has gone before you. Regardless of this, the Christ light trumps all and is the way, the truth and the light.

Once liberated, the Soul has to cross the expanse of the universe, past the Deities, Planets and Forces that exist in abundance to help and hinder the progress. The journey is best done by walking the straight and narrow path that abides by cosmic laws. There are many layers to the heavens and it is filled with beings with agendas that seek to stall your progress by offerings and temptation.

These offerings will be a deliberate distraction and will affect the physical, emotional and mental state of the journeyman crossing an ocean.

The Soul is bound to karma. The Soul is bound to the body. The Spirit is neither.

The Spirit is free and exists within the Sanctuary, and has access to God (the Creator).

To reach the Spirit, the two must become one, the inner must become the outer and the outer, the inner. There must be only ONE.

Life must be navigated by a stillness that allows the journey to be less than stormy. Storms are created by forces to throw the boatman off course.

As you cross the expanse and through the layers into the higher reaches, you will do so under the guidance of the Constellation of the Whale.

You may be impacted by Sirius and the Lions of God’s Law will be ever vigilant of your journey. Powers will approach you and tempt you, and the Scales of Justice will measure your progress.

As an initiate, you are expected to refrain from mindless activities, gossip, mass conscious behavior and be vigilant at all times.

The seducer of mankind sits at the heels of those who wish to live as pure Spirit.

Pure Spirit has no gender. Pure Spirit has no judgment. Pure Spirit realizes that those they call family, truly only exist if they are on the conscious journey home towards true enlightenment.

Scripture calls those who are not following the path home – the dead. For the dead, return to die again and do not taste eternity.

You will have to learn to listen correctly and see wisely for the kingdom is everywhere if you know what to look for, but it is hidden from the eyes of ignorance.

I will teach you to see and hear correctly.

For a time, you will need to do very little except your needful chores.

Follow your joy – it will lead you down nourishing avenues and keep you aligned with your inner guidance.

Your inner guidance is like a small flame, filled with hope and potential but it must grow to become a great fire that warms and radiates.

You will need to unlearn everything you have ever done – nothing will work the way it used to.

How you once acted, achieved and went about everything will now not be successful. You used to do it like the Moon.

The Moon has a light and dark side.

You must learn to do it like the Sun.

The Sun only knows light.

Each morning just before you rise up say this to yourself: “Today, I am the Sun. I radiate with the light of the Sun, unceasing. I am spiritual, happy and filled with life. I feel beautiful and serene and I am peaceful.”

It is a good step to take if you learn to be fulfilled, happy, content and satisfied within – regardless of without. Be filled with the Spirit. The Spirit is not tangible – it is mysterious and defies all reason.

Only those that are filled with the Spirit are allowed to live within the Sanctuary.

Christ, the Disciples and Apostles are of the Sanctuary.

Buddha revealed the path to enlightenment. Christ is enlightenment.

Only humans can take this path to the Sanctuary.

Many are not humans but have good intentions. Some humans have fallen and betrayed their kind.

Revenge and punishment is only for God to decide, and He has forces that will carry this out on his behalf.

Nothing happens without His blessing – nothing.

God does not respect people. God does not respect matter. God does not respect Soul. God does not respect mind. God is pure Spirit.

Do very little, for you will attempt to do it the way you always have. You need to learn to do things differently.

For now: remember that your Spirit must go before everything – your thoughts, your feelings, your actions. The quickest way to disturb the forces and slumbering giants on the way through the universe is to have desires.

Desires awaken these slumbering giants. They have the means to grant wishes. They are the genii (of the lamp) and they want you to need them. They can grant you wealth beyond measure, fame beyond recognition and even longevity – but they will extract a price.

Desire nothing!

Receive only!

Receive only gifts from God. They have no agenda and no price.

Receive the gift of life.

God breathes you, heals you, changes you, beats your heart, pumps your blood, cleanses you, sustains you and knows every nano-particle of you.

The adversary (Satan) is convinced that you love God because of what you can get. Because of this, he tempts you hoping you will be tempted.

God knows that you love Him, because you want to and cannot help yourself and you are His, regardless of what you have and receive.

Live as if God is correct.

Do not give too much care to the body – it is controlled by the Soul. Do not give too much care to the Soul – it is controlled by karma and duality. Give first – care to the Spirit and then all these things will be added unto you.

Separate desire from true need. True need is a roof, a bed and food in the belly.

God is quite capable of sustaining you completely!

Endure the discomfort. Breathe through pain and give thanks for another day.

The suffering of the body means nothing in the Sanctuary.

A life is but a moment in eternity.

For now

In love always

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