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Re: Coagulating on the Other side of a shift

There are many forms of ‘shifts’, the least being a perceptual shift in consciousness and ascending all the way through; out-of-body, near-death, self-realization, and into the various realms of enlightenment.

It does not matter which it is with regards to the effects, for they are all relative to the experience. A shift is a movement of the assemblage point, which the Toltec Masters explain; as a movement of energy between the shoulder blades. This can be de-stabilized for different periods of time until it settles in the newly awakened awareness. The feelings and experiences that come with this shift can bring about doubt fear, bewilderment, chaos, panic, loss or feeling lost. What is also noteworthy is that many of the stabilizing ropes or energetic ties that bind the person to a particular perception are destroyed. What was once taken for granted as a perceptual reality is now seen as ‘not-real.’ This can translate to ideas and feelings, thoughts and responses, and expectations regarding family, friends, life, society, work, purpose etc.

The most important thing is: Nothing is wrong!

Everything is right!

It is common to hear the altered ego in the perceptive shifts (mentioned above) trying to gain a controlling advantage during this period of time. One of the tactics that almost always works is DOUBT! Once the altered ego can use this default termite within the temple made of wood, it will erroneously attempt to insist upon its automatic program. What it fails to understand is that what was once able to work within the old perception of the human, is now incapable of working within the new perception.

But it will try nonetheless.

It is time to tell it to shut up or die!

You always have choice.

You either listen to its justifications and reasoning or you go beyond them and trust.

It is quite fine to relax into the silence, non-doing and be nothing for a period of time, and you will know soon enough when you are ready within that new perception.

Always cut yourself some slack!

You will not do this perfectly, you will not understand this entirely and you will not be able to control what is taking place.

In this beautiful and transcendent experience, your unconscious has the opening or gap, to bring new potentials into your life and right now your conscious mind must just stay open and not engaged. Allow yourself to go with the flow and follow joy for a time – naturally you will begin to move to a new rhythm as your other ‘bodies’ coalesce into a synergistic new form.

So be wise – be patient and be VERY ruthless with your altered ego!

The less you allow it to interfere, the more that can filter in from your vast warehouse of potential.

You have got this!

In love always

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