And so, you arise from your slumber one morning . . . you discover that the world has gone! You awaken not to the sounds of your old heart and its distant groans of love lost, or the rhythms of sad arteries pumping the sludge of animosity and regret, nor the corridors of voices and their insistent echoes of righteousness. There is nothing.

It is a silence that is devoid of answers and questions, directions and reasons and it reminds you momentarily of a pause in the universe . . . a moment when God takes a breath on your behalf. 

A moment when you do not have to breathe the life that once was . . .

Then you slip into the next breath and you inhale deeply . . . a fresh new air that is barely recognisable . . . enters. It has a fragrance of something imagined yet not understood, and you gasp to allow it to fill your form. The flooding of light speeds down every vein, into every crevice and through all pathways, as it brings the harmonies of a divine resonance of sound. 

It is acutely agonising as the remnants of dark corners and forgotten nightmares are seen for what they are, and as they take flight and flee forever, the radiance lifts the Soul even higher. A deep beating of a heartfelt drum brings the accompaniment of organs into a Celebration of Life rhythm and the whole world is changed. You know not who you were . . . you know only that you are and will continue to unfold into what you are becoming.

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