Our attempt to live up to the natural inner state of immortality has us saving pennies for another day. We find ourselves taking care of our vehicle and sparing another the honesty that they truly deserve, just to profit from tomorrow’s continuity.

What if we went beyond the dictated beliefs of immortality and began to run the risk of touching this intrinsic part of our natural selves?

What if we surrendered our petty penny pinching and actually grasped raw prosperity?

What if we surrendered our desperate rebellious struggles and actually grasped raw freedom?

What if we surrendered our conditional romantic emotions and actually grasped raw love?

What if we surrendered our humdrum calming techniques and actually grasped raw peace?

What if we surrendered our melodrama of meanings and actually grasped raw knowing?

What if we surrendered our frantic imposed stillness and actually grasped raw silence?

What if we surrendered our preconceived known ideas and actually grasped raw intelligence?

What if we surrendered our genetic pro-creative urges and actually grasped raw immortality?

Watered down by the parameters of dictated beliefs, we live in the hope that our feeble attempts out-live us . . . that we will somehow be remembered for the colours that imbued our lives. 

Not now . . . not even in the next generation . . . but in times beyond the horizon when our great grandchildren have our eyes and see how we of the past spent our precious time! They live with the results thereof . . . we cannot hide!

So why not grasp immortality by the hand and take a walk into the inner landscapes, where the horizons of tomorrow are cast with hues that cannot be numbered? No longer forging generations who glance back in despair at their inherited lot . . . we become a people who leave no footprints in mortal sands.

Long ago . . . we glanced forward into mortal futures and saw an endless stream of options and we stopped . . . all longing and desire ceased. Immortal to our core, we grasped the raw essence of our eternal nature.

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