This is a dance!

It is the dance of impeccability and it is a monumental balancing act . . . Knowing when enough effort is enough. It is knowing when more effort is dangerously close to domination, control and martyrhood and learning to know the difference. Impeccability does away with the extras which we offer and the over-exhaustion of resources, and it certainly curtails our intrinsic need to give too much. 

When is enough . . . enough?

When a question is answered, and we offer only a succinct answer – not a whole history of reasons and justifications

When something is asked, and we offer only the succinct response – not bogging it down with a list of how good we are and how much more we have done

When someone wants to cry and release emotions – and we let them; we don’t try to stop them because we are uncomfortable

When we see someone in need and we offer our help gently – and we take no for an answer or we do what is required, knowing we can’t save anyone.

When we have nothing precious to say – instead of needing to say something to be useful or opinionated.

When going the distance is a good thing – and we don’t second guess because we are in the right place and at the right time.

When we give just enough to boost someone – but not so much that we over-extend ourselves.

When we see what someone has done with what we have given them – and then we give them more, for their cup is empty and they have respected what they have been given.

When we learn from our reality and we don’t blame a single person – for anything

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