As a child, we spend so much time running after other peoples’ legs. We see calves and ankles, trousers and kneecaps, and we do our utmost to keep up. Sometimes, we give up and sit down and make a loud noise, hoping that ‘someone’ will have pity on us and pick us up. This works for a while, until we become too heavy, and then it is up to us to keep going or remain where we are. 

 Well, chasing a dream or an ideal is no different and lands us right back there, immersed within the above scenario once again. The dream idea usually bolts away from us and has a natural speed such that if it is a casual dream idea, it goes at a speed that is elegant and easy to keep up with . . . much like learning to walk amongst snails. However, super-sonic dreams, loaded with potential and roaring to get going, lack the luxury of ‘bad-hair-days’ and have a very limited tolerance for negative emotions, such as doubt. It is like trying to walk amongst cheetahs and road-runners who have no thought to slowing down and allowing you to take your time. You are expected to go from the cradle to full speed in no time.

 How do you know which one you are unfolding at the moment, you may ask? The symptoms are easy to recognize. . .

 If yours is super-sonic, a single thought will manifest almost immediately.A negative emotion will plunge you into unwellness within hours or a day. Good luck will turn into bad luck in a heartbeat if you are not focused, and if the little insecure and doubtful you tries to get in the way – hold onto your pants!  A force will collide with you and you will not have seen it coming! You world will be turned upside down and chaos will erupt all around you.


 Because dreams have momentum, too! They want to be experienced. They want to be expressed, and they want life. So much so that they may want it more than you do! If a dream gains momentum . . . it will stop at nothing to BE. How is this known you may ask?

 Ask Cinderella’s dream; it used a glass slipper to harness a prince and move a kingdom to find her! Make sure that you are ready for your dream, super-sonic or not!

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