“Good character recognises the carving knife of humility. It is like a bunch of grapes that has to be picked for a celebration. First, the grapes are inspected for quality and then any blemished grapes are removed before they can be placed upon the platter. Having no blemishes and being perfect, they are sweet to taste and can withstand any inspection. The best are picked to be made into wine . . . and the wine is to be presented at the wedding of a Soul united with its Creator. 

Do not despise the occasions when you are confronted by your ignorance and arrogance – bless the moments that you are corrected by the humble words of truth and do not hide with your broken spirit, for the cracked surface allows the right amount of light to enter. 

When the light enters, the Soul lights up and is illuminated from within, and as the personality falls away, the illuminated Soul begins to shine so brightly that they cannot contain themselves and the whole world benefits.

Do not be disheartened if you are not seen or heard by those who are blind and deaf. When you are ready to be seen, nothing on earth will stop your light and you will know the sweet taste of being recognised, chosen and presented before your Creator.”

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