I rushed, armed into freedom, with all of my body and mind

I waged war upon my past and the ghosts of my failures

I fought anxieties and doubts with the sword of freedom

I battled the denizens of childhood and puberty galore

And saw to it that my faults were addressed and dissolved

And my stressors and angers wiped clean from my Soul

I purged all the guilty and forgave all those that trespassed

And then finally, I had the FREEDOM FROM it all . . .

. . . and then?

Once free from what hindered me –

I transfigured into someone new and I now had the FREEDOM TO  . . .

What a dilemma indeed!

No longer purging, transmuting and cleansing.

No more dissolving, clearing and purging.

None of that dismantling, transforming or ash.

No garbage or rubbish or buckets of trash.

The slate was clean, and the materials were new

I had the freedom to decide, to choose and to live

To have and to hold each day in perpetual bliss

Nothing too big or too small, too long or too short

No encumbrances or limitations and none to quit

Be a giant or a mouse but do it with panache

Be a mountain or molehill and enjoy each moment

Once FREE FROM all that was – I was FREE TO be myself.

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