“Do you imagine, then that God or the Higher Self is to be found upon a mountain top or between two rocks in a river valley? Or do you imagine that she is hidden deep in a temple made of jade or upon a prayer repeated hourly? Or perhaps you cast your eye towards another human such as yourself and you see only what you are not? Your gaze is blind, and your thoughts empty of nourishment and your body wracked with death and decay if this is how you look!

Turn to where the world has no claim, where there is nothing to declare or prove, uphold or fight, and where time stands still for a moment. It hides in plain sight just beneath what is seen and heard and waits forever with all the patience of a loving creator. Find the places where the world ends, where it jumps across the chasms of nothing . . .

It is universal in the synaptic clefts in everybody, in the ebb and flow of every wave. It is between the in-breath and out-breath when there is a moment where nothing happens. It is in the awake and asleep states and the dawn and dusk where it is neither day nor darkness ,and it is between each thought. These tiny doorways into the eternal sunrise of the Self . . . unnoticed and unseen.

Every moment that you can remember, give these doorways your attention and surrender the world. Release your entire sensory, little self and allow yourself to touch and be touched. Regardless of what you feel, sense, or imagine – go there . . . be there. For each visit places a paving stone one by one until such a day when you will take your first step and then another. Become a walker in two worlds and catch the eternal sunrise!

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