In a vast expanse of timeless space, teetering on the brink of the inexplicable void . . . God contemplated one thought.

‘What AM I?’

Illuminated . . . an endless cosmic ocean current of divine sparks rushed forth to understand that immense contemplation. To experience . . . to know for itself the meaning of what It was. In nature, God is eternal, omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent and therefore without ceasing or end. And so the sparks moved forward in an endless rush of unforgiving pursuit, eager to reach the ultimate answers, and the more answers they found . . . the more questions they asked.

They would have gone on forever, further and further into the timeless and space-less expanses . . . never stopping . . . ever reaching . . . on and on. Into densities, gravities and conditions that are inexplicable and defy all abstract ideas, they would have plunged on, knowing no end.

Until . . . one new thought was released into their midst, which arrested all of them.

‘Miss me?’ uttered God.

All of creation and its drive and momentum came to a stand still . . . one brief moment of contemplation . . . and they turned and remembered from where they came. The first rush of loneliness seeped into their beingness and they longed for Home. The momentum of loneliness stopped the eternal seeking after what God was, and in its place appeared the great I AM, and the answer was apparent.

‘I AM all things manifest and un-manifest, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I AM that which cannot be spoken and that which can, and I . . . am what I AM.’

Each spark lost its drive for answers into the unknown and faced its Creator. With full acceptance that there were no more questions and all answers existed, one by one they moved towards the beginning – to the first contemplation – and all that God knew . . . they knew too!

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