What if . . .

We got it ALL wrong?

What if, instead of learning everything about the world, we learnt to let it go, understanding that there was nothing new to learn anymore.

What if, we leapt out of our minds and into our hearts, to gather ourselves into a neat ball of potency, releasing all of our woes and tribulations.

What if, our bodies were simply a configuration of energy . . . and nothing more, giving us the opportunity to truly experience who we are.

What if, we were not creating or even co-creating, but instead, we simply relaxed into our desires and allowed them to be drawn  to us – effortlessly.

What if, we realised that we were on a treadmill, feverishly working getting somewhere through effort, but not getting anywhere at all.

What if, we stepped out of the chaos of life, designed by minds hoping to survive and we chose instead to live – I mean really live – needing nothing.

What if, it truly was about standing still and doing nothing, thinking nothing, saying nothing, and then accepting – graciously.

What if, Grace and Humility were sisters . . . not in divinity . . . but in humanity, but banished by the need to control and achieve, strive and deceive.

What if, love in its true form was ruthless, cutting away all the dross and grime, allowing the Soul to breathe . . . wounded and bloody . . . but free.

What if, we got it all wrong? 

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