[When I began this piece, I had ‘Kryon’s: A Journey Home’ – in mind and later came to realise that my own book, ‘Tomas of Terra’ has the same idea.

The journey that few take in a lifetime, always begins with a trek up a mountain and it becomes an extraordinary way of surrendering all the baggage that has been picked up over many lifetimes. The tough slopes of the Self, make it the perfect landscape to dip into the beliefs that cause doubt and the peaks to view the future with hope. The valleys cause us to hide and cringe at our inconsistencies and after we navigate the avalanches of emotional blockages, we are afforded a small vista from which to see a little way ahead. 

The journey is not without danger . . . lurking in each crevice and around each pinnacle, is the fear of the unknown. This almighty shadow of our imagined fears, stalks us relentlessly and we run for our lives, hide out of terror and truly doubt our ability to make it to the end. Dogged by this monster of our own doubts, we often lose sight of the journey’s end and we feel left out in the cold and alone. We even let go of the friend’s and family connections, and all the perceptions which we have tried to so hard to carry and please. 

As we negotiate our mirrors of Self reflection and bust every erroneous thought, belief and attitude, we begin to feel a little lighter and we drop every item which has always weighed us down. By the end of the journey, we drop the last stitch of clothing, which has hidden our true and natural state of fearlessness and love. Standing at the illuminated door, once we have crossed the bridge of beliefs and released our Self image once and for all, we knock once.

A naked transparency . . . in solitude . . . the door opens. 

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