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I wish to share some of the fragments of teachings that have not only inspired me but have also caused me to stand up when I have fallen, and have guided me when I have been stumbling around in the abyss of mindless sabotage.

I have long since known during my own current Hall of experience, that once at the top of the Great Ladder of the Initiates and Adepts, there is yet another choice. Once Nirvana or Bliss has been reached, the adept can remain in those worlds of eternal silence or choose to renounce it and remain a part of humanity and its unfolding evolution. We know that Ciril was one of those who chose to return many times from comments he made. It comes then as no surprise that he studied in the same schools as two well known Masters as mentioned in private sessions.

An Initiate is one, who has already set foot on the ladder in previous lives or will set foot in this incarnation, if self mastery is reached. Before then, each knocks on the door hoping to be allowed within the Great Halls. The Initiate is he who survives the trials of each Hall. An Adept is he who has cleared all three Halls and has chosen to serve the world. This is not understood by mere mortals as the Adepts keep the spiritual life alive for the whole of mankind. They are indispensable in their purpose or function as they provide the means to keep open the upward path through which light can descend. Without it, our race would tread the weary path of trial, failure, and error in hopes that chance would provide little progress. They provide the spiritual leaders and religious gurus for the masses to find their way.

The Adepts are teaching their souls directly – in the spiritual world. I remember Ciril telling us that he teaches us without the world knowing and in secret. He also told us that he knew ALL the Masters and that they would know us because of him. At regular periods they give the world the right understanding of spiritual things. Krishna, Zoroaster, Shankara, Buddha and the Nazarene (Jesus) were such masters; but the latter (I learnt later) ‘went forth against the counsel of the rest, to give to the masses before the time, moved by a great pity, and enthusiasm for humanity; he was warned that the time was unfavorable, but nevertheless he elected to go, and so was put to death on a cross at the instigation of the priests. . . .‘ – Theosophical Society

But that is not the only work of the Adepts. At much shorter periods, they send forth a messenger to try to teach the world. Such a period comes in the last quarter of each century . . . hence the appearance of Master Ciril.

The Adepts are dealing with the entire world in enormous comprehensive sweeps of power; they are influencing millions in their causal bodies or on the Buddhic plane, and all the time steadily, though by almost imperceptible degrees, raising the higher bodies of the people on a wholesale scale. And yet the same Master who spends His life in doing that work will sometimes turn aside and pay personal attention to little details connected with one pupil. [We have been blessed].

In my own experience, Knowledge comes in visions, first in dreams and then in pictures presented to the inner eye during meditation or waking contemplation. Much of what I know comes from these experiences of illumination or realization, but I often find a verse or saying that triggers something deeper for me, and I open myself up to further learning. Often, I will read something, as scripture or a piece from someone, and while my experience is not that the information is new to me, but rather that it has provided me with the right words to speak or write. I never write words that I have not personally encountered in my own Hall of experience before I have stumbled upon the words. Words I read, mostly offer me confirmation rather than a new teaching and provide me with a way to share it. I once attended Self Mastery as I wanted to know what Paul was about when I first met him, but I have not attended any other course, and for many years I was treated to a consistent Mastery 2 & 3 in my personal life. I had the kinks and rough edges that this life had dealt me, kicked out of me and I was always told that one day I would make it. I attended a Bashar workshop for the experience of observing channeling. Instead, I drew to me Teachers-Masters who could provide me with the correct maps and signs to follow through my initiations. These Teachers knocked the wind out of my sails anytime I needed it and I will always be eternally grateful! For the most part, I write and teach what I have found upon my Path of experience so that others may be guided. I believe this is what we have to do if we are to become guardian angels in the end. I have an inability to keep knowledge for myself (selfishly) unless it is meant only for me. I have received many warnings on this topic!

The number of adepts who retain physical bodies in order to help the evolution of the world is but small – perhaps some fifty or sixty in all. But it must be remembered that the great majority of these do not take pupils, as they are engaged in other different work.

Text from Audio Excerpt 

“Kill out all desire of life,” says Krishna to Arjuna.

That desire lingers only in the body, the vehicle of the embodied Self, not in the SELF which is “eternal, indestructible, which kills not nor is it killed” (Katha Upanishad).

“Kill out sensation,” teaches Sutta Nipata; “look alike on pleasure and pain, gain and loss, victory and defeat.”

Again, “Seek shelter in the eternal alone” (ibid). “Destroy the sense of separateness,” repeats Krishna under every form.

“The Mind (Manas) which follows the rambling senses, makes the Soul (Buddhi) as helpless as the boat which the wind leads astray upon the waters” (Bhagavatgita II. 70).

“Sages do not grieve for the living nor the dead. Never did I not exist, nor you, nor these rulers of men; nor will any one of us ever hereafter cease to be.” (Bhagavatgita II. 27).

THESE instructions are for those ignorant of the dangers of the lower IDDHI [psychic realms]. He who would hear the voice of Nada, “the Soundless Sound,” and comprehend it, he has to learn the nature of Dharana [concentration]. Having become indifferent to objects of perception, the pupil must seek out the rajah of the senses, the Thought-Producer, he who awakes illusion. The Mind is the great Slayer of the Real. Let the Disciple slay the Slayer. For: — When to himself his form appears unreal, as do on waking all the forms he sees in dreams;

When he has ceased to hear the many, he may discern the ONE — the inner sound which kills the outer. Then only, not till then, shall he forsake the region of Asat, the false, to come unto the realm of Sat, the true [SAT, the one eternal and Absolute Reality and Truth, all the rest being illusion.]

Before the soul can see, the Harmony within must be attained, and fleshly eyes be rendered blind to all illusion. Before the Soul can hear, the image (man) has to become as deaf to roarings as to whispers, to cries of bellowing elephants as to the silvery buzzing of the golden fire-fly. Before the soul can comprehend and may remember, she must unto the Silent Speaker be united just as the form to which the clay is modeled, is first united with the potter’s mind.

For then the soul will hear, and will remember. And then to the inner ear will speak — THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE And say: — If thy soul smiles while bathing in the Sunlight of thy Life; if thy soul sings within her chrysalis of flesh and matter; if thy soul weeps inside her castle of illusion; if thy soul struggles to break the silver thread that binds her to the MASTER; know, O Disciple, thy Soul is of the earth. When to the World’s turmoil thy budding soul lends ear; when to the roaring voice of the great illusion thy Soul responds when frightened at the sight of the hot tears of pain, when deafened by the cries of distress, thy soul withdraws like the shy turtle within the carapace of SELFHOOD, learn, O Disciple, of her Silent “God,” thy Soul is an unworthy shrine. When waxing stronger, thy Soul glides forth from her secure retreat: and breaking loose from the protecting shrine, extends her silver thread and rushes onward; when beholding her image on the waves of Space she whispers, “This is I,” — declare, O Disciple, that thy soul is caught in the webs of delusion. This Earth, Disciple, is the Hall of Sorrow, wherein are set along the Path of dire probations, traps to ensnare thy EGO by the delusion called “Great Heresy”. This earth, O ignorant Disciple, is but the dismal entrance leading to the twilight that precedes the valley of true light — that light which no wind can extinguish, that light which burns without a wick or fuel.

Saith the Great Law: — “In order to become the KNOWER of ALL SELF thou hast first of SELF to be the knower.” To reach the knowledge of that SELF, thou hast to give up Self to Non-Self, Being to Non-Being, and then thou canst repose between the wings of the GREAT BIRD. Aye, sweet is rest between the wings of that which is not born, nor dies, but is the AUM throughout eternal ages. Bestride the Bird of Life, if thou would’st know. Give up thy life, if thou would’st live. Three Halls, O weary pilgrim, lead to the end of toils. Three Halls, O conqueror of Mara, will bring thee through three states into the fourth and thence into the seven worlds, the worlds of Rest Eternal.

If thou would’st learn their names, then hearken, and remember. The name of the first Hall is IGNORANCE — Avidya. It is the Hall in which thou saw’st the light, in which thou livest and shalt die. The name of Hall the second is the Hall of Learning.* In it thy Soul will find the blossoms of life, but under every flower a serpent coiled. [*The Hall of Probationary Learning.] The name of the third Hall is Wisdom, beyond which stretch the shoreless waters of AKSHARA, the indestructible Fount of Omniscience.

If thou would’st cross the first Hall safely, let not thy mind mistake the fires of lust that burn therein for the Sunlight of life. If thou would’st cross the second safely, stop not the fragrance of its stupefying blossoms to inhale. If freed thou would’st be from the Karmic chains, seek not for thy Guru in those Mayavic regions. The WISE ONES tarry not in pleasure-grounds of senses. The WISE ONES heed not the sweet-tongued voices of illusion. Seek for him who is to give thee birth, in the Hall of Wisdom, the Hall which lies beyond, wherein all shadows are unknown, and where the light of truth shines with unfading glory.

. That which is uncreate abides in thee, Disciple, as it abides in that Hall. If thou would’st reach it and blend the two, thou must divest thyself of thy dark garments of illusion. Stifle the voice of flesh, allow no image of the senses to get between its light and thine that thus the twain may blend in one. And having learnt thine own Agnyana, flee from the Hall of Learning. This Hall is dangerous in its perfidious beauty, is needed but for thy probation. Beware, Lanoo, lest dazzled by illusive radiance thy Soul should linger and be caught in its deceptive light. This light shines from the jewel of the Great Ensnarer, (Mara). The senses it bewitches, blinds the mind, and leaves the unwary an abandoned wreck. The moth attracted to the dazzling flame of thy night-lamp is doomed to perish in the viscid oil. The unwary Soul that fails to grapple with the mocking demon of illusion, will return to earth the slave of Mara. Behold the Hosts of Souls. Watch how they hover o’er the stormy sea of human life, and how exhausted, bleeding, broken-winged, they drop one after other on the swelling waves. Tossed by the fierce winds, chased by the gale, they drift into the eddies and disappear within the first great vortex. If through the Hall of Wisdom, thou would’st reach the Vale of Bliss, Disciple, close fast thy senses against the great dire heresy of separateness that weans thee from the rest. Let not thy “Heaven-born,” merged in the sea of Maya, break from the Universal Parent (SOUL), but let the fiery power retire into the inmost chamber, the chamber of the Heart and the abode of the World’s Mother.

Then from the heart that Power shall rise into the sixth, the middle region, the place between thine eyes, when it becomes the breath of the ONE-SOUL, the voice which filleth all, thy Master’s voice. ‘Tis only then thou canst become a “Walker of the Sky”  who treads the winds above the waves, whose step touches not the waters. Before thou set’st thy foot upon the ladder’s upper rung, the ladder of the mystic sounds, thou hast to hear the voice of thy inner GOD* in seven manners. [*The Higher SELF.]

Learn above all to separate Head-learning from Soul-Wisdom, the “Eye” from the “Heart” doctrine.

But even ignorance is better than Head-learning with no Soul-wisdom to illuminate and guide it.

Beware of change! For change is thy great foe. This change will fight thee off, and throw thee back, out of the Path thou treadest, deep into viscous swamps of doubt.

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