Now allergies are a global epidemic, and there are thousands of remedies to be found on the shelves, from traditional allopathic drugs and inoculations to herbal treatments and a variety of other alternative medicine practices. Some people burn incense and rub balms while others manipulate their food, environment or experiences . . . all in an attempt to minimize the allergy.

My approach does not discount any of these, but it does include an item that needs you to be open-minded.

It is widely recognised in the spiritual fields that allergies exist for reasons hidden under a rock in the person’s inner garden. Unless you know which rock to look under, it is almost impossible to locate this little nugget.

The Gnome in your inner garden can reveal this hidden nugget to you, for it fiercely keeps and guards all the elements contained within your garden’s borders.

The hidden nugget for allergies has to be learnt from the Gnome in your inner garden. Gnome is a garden keeper and guards fiercely all the elements contained within it borders.

This is what Gnome is willing to give us:

You may find it difficult to integrate yourself into this world.

You are not your own person but are living someone else’s ideas.

You are not Being your own person but are trying to be someone else’s perfect version.

You cannot trust yourself, so you cannot integrate yourself.

As humans, we can feel that we live out other people’s decisions and choices, and we have no idea who we actually are. It is like a rose trying to be the perfect cactus! We are trying to be someone else –perfectly, instead of knowing who we are. We can grow up in a family garden where there are orchids, cacti and ferns, and we try so hard to fit in, be like one of them or like all of them. The struggle to integrate and find ourselves severely undermines our self-esteem,and we become an incoherent mix of some or all of them. Our bodies, feelings, thoughts and attitudes all reflect this mixture, and our difficulty wearing our own skin. We often feel judged for being an orchid when those around us are grasses. You have never learned to be your own person, and your allergies give you a perfect chance to ponder how you can change this and honour the person you are inside – the person born with a unique dream…

– You don’t know where to place yourself

– You are living out other people’s decisions and choices

– You are trying to be the perfect ‘them’ instead of the natural YOU!

– Of course, allergies are common and increasing!

– Of course, they can vary from mild to life-threatening

– Of course, you feel that it is difficult to breathe!

Like all plants,position and the right kind of balance between all the plant’s needs are crucial to healthy plant life


Your specific allergy speaks volumes, whether it relates to skin, hayfever, breakouts, breathing, asthma, or countless other symptoms. Contemplating each allergy can give you an indication of what you are dealing with on an energetic level!

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