Nature is Natural!


For eons of time, the human body has been linked with nature. We consider ourselves separate when it comes to the domination and control of nature and yet, so closely a part of it in the use of metaphors.

Your task this month is to pay close attention to this idea. Use it as many times as you can possibly remember. When you have achieved this sufficiently, begin to notice what nature can do for you if you allow these analogies to become a part of your contemplation and meditation.

What do I mean?

Example: “I feel like I have butterflies in my stomach”


 This is not logical, but it is metaphorical. In this example, you could sit in a meditative position and casually see the butterflies land one by one on a branch and close their wings. Your own inner guidance brings these metaphors to mind
because it is guiding you to use them to address whatever it is that you are dealing with. Butterflies in the belly usually signifies anxiety, excitement, trepidation, anticipation, nervousness, or fear. When you imagine the butterflies landing, you are communicating to your inner self that you prefer a calm state.
You may need to persist a little until you feel that relaxation seeping into your solar plexus. It works – give it a go!

Our relationship with our body is deeply embedded in our use of language in the form of metaphors. Direct expression can often cover up the way a person is truly feeling, but with a metaphor, language is used in conjunction with the imagination, and truth is allowed to present itself without conscious threat. It allows us to ‘get to the heart of the matter.’

Here are some other body metaphors that you may like:

Chip on the shoulder (visualize the chip falling off, or closing in)

Cold feet (light a warm fire beneath the feet)

Keep your ear to the ground

Mouth of the cave

Foot of the mountain

I am drowning is a sea of grief (Find a boat and climb in)

They broke my heart (Heal the heart or replace it)

He is the apple of my eye

She’s an old hand

Over my dead body

I am feeling blue (Change the color)

Lastly . . . your family TREE.


Corporeal metaphors (body-related language) are powerful for healing and
changing a person’s state of mind. If you ever wanted a line of communication
with your inner self, begin here and see what magical dialogues can evolve from it.


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