Wk 2: With the Emotional body, a couple of points need to land with the students. 

– Their awareness as to their state of being (using the Barometer,if necessary), because if they can spot it . . . they have got it. If they can spot that they feel depressed, it is a long way from denial, and they can then do something about it. 

– Their emotions hint at their thoughts, although this only comes in with the Mental body next week. How they are feeling is how they will experience reality . . . like a rollercoaster ride. 

– It is necessary to get across to them that emotions are chemical in nature and can be changed simply and quickly. Because they are chemical, when they feel less that fantastic, in the beginning they will be inclined towards replacing one chemical with another, i.e. eating if I am lonely, sleeping if I am bored and giving up if I am depressed.

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