Wk 3: For discussion or factual inserts with your students –

You have 50 – 80 000 thoughts a day and for some it is the same one over and over (grin!) 95% of these do not originte with the actual person – you have stolen them from another!

The average timespan that a person can focus, is 4-6 seconds and then the Distratction Index kicks in. Einstein could focus for 20 minutes without being distracted.

The image-thought triggers a chemical release, that carries the vibration of thoughts and feelings to the DNA. This then gets replicated by the RNA and with your response to your food, you can actually influence or control your body. This relates to mind over matter.

If you are judging – you are in your altered ego.

People fall into the trap of observing other people, instead of observing themselves in that situation and with those people.

17 seconds of focussing on one thought builds momentum and this then attracts other like-minded thoughts, which allows this to manifest in your life.

Paul G Balch

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