the 22 Toltec Archetypes

“What you are seeing and hearing right now is nothing but a dream. You are dreaming right now in this moment. You are dreaming with the brain awake.”

About The Toltecs

“Without enemies, we are nothing. Having an enemy, living with the knowledge of adversity, is part of our human form. We have to free ourselves from this human form, but that takes time. At first we are beings who struggle. This is our first level . . . like the raw material in a person.” Carlos Castaneda

About the Facilitators

Brief Introduction:

This Foundational to Intermediate course was designed to bring light upon twenty two basic sentiments from the ancient culture of the Toltecs. There are extensive works from historians to the infamous Carlos Castaneda and his Yacqui teacher – Don Juan, which can be studied. Many have explored the ways of the Toltec people from the Yucatan, bringing light to their wonderful spiritual nature and disciplines.

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4 weeks / 4 modules of knowledge /  22 contemplations / Unique insights and applicable perspective

About the Online Course

This course does not go into depths about the Toltec culture itself and nor does it dive deeply into all aspects of their beliefs and disciplines. We designed this, after decades of application and teaching the Path of the Nagual (“the teacher who becomes the gateway, the doorway, the intermediate between the world of the “seeker” or apprentice, and the world of the spirit.“) with a particular landscape of understanding in mind. Our intense disciplines, over three decades, have been with a Tibetan Master and a Tao Master and our understanding of some of the Toltec teachings, is unique and could benefit the student. Although we do not teach Toltec as a discipline anymore, having realised that it applied to a culture long lost in history, we still respect the disciplines and wisdom of these enigmatic and yet deeply spiritual peoples. We respect too, that some still teach these works, and that the Nagual Path is where their core holds true.

Having said that, ‘The 22 Toltec Archetypes’ takes a look into the disciplines or teachings that we find valuable as an inspiration and guidance. We have read, studied and taught most of the material from this spiritual culture and own most of the books in print, but it is our unwavering focus that has brought us to this point now.



The smallest, the first attention, or the consciousness that every normal person has developed in order to deal with the daily world, encompasses the awareness of the physical body.

Don Juan

Teachings From a Toltec Nagual

At first we must begin the tedious work of awareness. It can seem as if, as teachers, we are using a toothpick to break into a vault . . . so fortified are normal people in their thinking and behaviour. This idea of Self is created for survival and has all the calculating mechanisms of a wounded leopard or an adolescent buffalo. Coping mechanisms are layered from the floor to the ceiling, addictions are stacked in a dark corner and a distracting spotlight is placed strategically on what a person thinks matters most in the tangible world.

The teacher (Nagual) has to use any means possible through dreaming, experiences, lessons, exercises, visualisations and understanding, to pierce that idea that a person has about themselves. Cloaked in a technicolor life-coat of genetics, environmental stimulation and the crumbs of childhood memories, the student is given the opportunity to see through the mind of the teacher and to begin to work their way out, from the inside of the prison of Self.

It is a grueling task indeed!

And this is only the one side of the coin. Whilst the student is throwing their ideas in the bin, the teacher must temporarily lend them new ones, which form a bridge from one state of consciousness to the next. The student is . . . um, suspended in the space between the contracted interior of the prison of Self and the exterior and expanded freedom of Self. And yet, habits die hard and for a long while the fight against complacency, procrastination and doubt is lost and then won again, over and over.

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