“We can search the world over and we will find what we are looking for!  But . . . what happens when we are guided to search off the beaten path and into the regions of the mystical unknown – the realms where the rest of ourselves exist? We have an encounter . . . an experience and we are never the same again – ever!”

In this program

We come to terms with the Soul’s motive for our lives and we allow our consciousness to accept the knowledge that brings us to a place of great awareness. With awareness comes numerous potentials that were not possible before.

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$799.00 $720.00 (inc.GST)

“I have received and I have been blessed with this privilege and opportunity. The Soul’s Breath material on its own is a miracle and to be in touch with its body is un-worded. The impact on me and my thought/emotion/action self has been a true wonder to not only observe and witness but also to experience.” – Will H. 

“Through The Soul’s Breath, I am learning NOW to touch the Earth, to walk on it, to connect with it, get dirty, to experience, to feel, AND to be still.”   – Bob A. (CA)

“All your mapping Jaylee is majestic (recordings to music – lovingly presented with grace powerful and authentic)….and yet deliberately confronting in places to stir the deepest parts of our souls…you and Paul have impeccable guidance…” – Moeroa C.

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Detailed descriptions, NortiArt© Images, practical awareness and deliberate journeys are a part of this program and are foundational requirements for late advanced workshops and retreats.

Why do we pursue a spiritual line of awakening?

Why do we walk this path for a lifetime? Why do we keep learning, even when life feels much better? What was important to you before you began this work? Who was important to you? What were you caught up in and where was your life headed?

The Soul’s Breath will answer many questions and bring forward the landscape of potentials that each person has access to. The program has a two-fold purpose: To allow the release of subconscious ideas of the little limited self and to introduce the greater self to each person attending. There are mechanisms that facilitate this process, images that serve to augment the knowledge and ideas which cause the consciousness of the person to expand into new potentials.

A human being is only as good as their train of thought – and there are no exceptions to this. Each person IS their train of thought, their sum total of what they have been inspired to be and if they have not had much inspiration . . . they have had no choice but to be mundane and ignorant of their own potential.

It is to be assumed that if you are indeed reading this introduction, you are a seeker or you are interested in pursuing your own divinity.

And so, if you can answer these 3 questions sufficiently whereby you feel intoxicated with fulfillment, then there may not be a need to take this journey after all.

Q1 – Why has your Soul deliberately made this lifetime possible for you?

Q2 – What have you done with all the potential power available to you, through your brain?

Q3 – Does your Soul have a grand idea for you, which you have not uncovered yet?

When you click on that access point below . . . what you will uncover . . . you can never come back from. The simplicity of your choices and the scope of your potential is illuminating to say the least. This is your life, you choose!

Extracts from the Material:

∞ INTERESSENCE© – The deliberate insertion of a new idea into the conscious matrix of another being, bringing about the collapse of time and opening up evolutionary potentials. – Jaylee Balch

∞ The map for evolution and enlightenment requires an act of free will and your conscious participation in it.

∞ Our thoughts and ideas of the self, arrange our light through and around us and for the most part remain at a frequency that extends a little way away from us.

∞ In spirituality . . . one of this millenniums greatest currency streams among others . . . is a plethora of ideas. It is a Pandora’s Box of ideas of the self and the meaning of life.

∞ If you are reading this – you do not want platitudes or feel-good literature! You seek and desire the Holy Grail, the Philosopher’s Stone and you want to explore every potential that you can.

∞ When the opportunity arises and when we fall back into past patterns the garbage can outweigh the meaningfulness.

∞ The body is the last kingdom that anything will ever manifest through.

∞ The Soul in not automatically given the chance to be a part of a person’s life!


What to expect:

– Each week, a new topic and knowledge with imagery and concepts.

– Contemplation’s of new ideas of Self

– Sonic Pathways© to download and listen to

– NEW! Audio options on written material

– A Facebook community to interact with (Private access)

– Video tutelage and contemplation’s

– A personal access membership sign-in

– Admittance to the Egyptian Retreat


payment options open now

All you need to do, is to come on over to this page and click on one of the two payments options to the right and follow it through. This will notify me and I will sign you into The Soul’s Breath. Why is this not automatic? We prefer to screen the students, as this is an Intermediate Program and requires a certain maturity and conscious awareness.


$799.00 $720.00 (inc.GST)




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