A) As a human awakening to the possibility of something that you are not quite sure you can describe or define, you are a walking contradiction. Tensions of every shape and colour define who you are. From your judgments about red or blond hair, to how your mother or father are to blame for your lack of success. From rubbing your ear when you are anxious, to believing angels actually have wings. There are tensions holding you in place so that you don’t slip off this flat reality . . . (kidding).

But these tensions do tell your story and are reflected in your speech, thoughts, meotions, body and actions. They are your judgments, critcisms and opinions and are the sum total of your life on earth. They block your way.

B) After utilising time to constructively to make changes within your beliefs and attitudes, you have dismissed a lot of tensions. Your body may have begun changing and your reality looks different to what it once was and there are days and many moments when you feel clear and the path is open.

C) A grand aligning has occured within you and the slightest cloud alerts you to the impending storm. You move towards the Presence in the deep hull of the boat and you request help. You turn your back on the storm, preferring to be patient until the waves return to the calm they once held. 

D) You have no tensions unless you give thought to them and you choose to interact with the reality. You may experience the tensions but you can return to the still at a moment’s notice.

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