TTL Mod8 Story 30 Jaylee Balch


I’m going to tell you a story that’s going to begin in a certain place and it’s going to make a journey around a loop and end up back at the place I left.  It is something that I am seeing the effect of and if it is something I will use in the future.

The moment that you made the I AM statement (between the ages of 18 months to three years) was the moment that you began your Tower of Life©. Every brick that you built, that you made your tower from, was made of your memories and experiences, and all parts of you, and it was based upon that one cornerstone of self. It is the golden thread, and if you can catch a hold of it, you can pull it and come undone. It is the reason that physical reality dumps its experiences on your lap, and it is the reason that your astral reality dumps its garbage on your doorstep. And you carry around this burden of guilt and all that that goes with it. It is the reason that your mental reality or thoughts have you chasing your tail or seeks to drown you with its 1000 voices. It is legion! Those voices have been created over a lifetime.

 There are a number of approaches I used, and I tried all of them. 

This one was to migrate from the Tower of Life© to the Temple of Life. This was very much a one or the other scenario. And how do we do this? Well, we learn. We learn knowledge that gives us something to work with regarding the other Self or the Temple. We learn to “know thyself” and observe and acknowledge or accept both of them. We observe the tower that is built on fear, negativity, doubt, guilt, control, domination and insecurity, and recognize that it is the tower – the one that must come down. We learn that we can follow its insidious poison by our negative emotions as it pollutes the very life we inhabit. We know that we can follow its insidious poison by our negative thoughts and negative actions. From these telltale signs, we tell it to stop. We learned that this tower has two voices, both good and evil, or good and bad, and whilst we can fall for one, the other is sometimes harder to recognize. It uses the good in a cunning way – it manipulates with kindness. It helps with a controlling agenda, and it serves with a pungent odour of self-pity. 

At the same time, we are learning to be multidimensional, and we are observing, sensing, receiving, hoping and focusing on the Temple of Life. A mystery, to be sure, for it is so vast in its landscape and yet we are ready for it in so many ways. The soul wants reprieve or relief from the Tower of Self. It is a journey migrating from one to the other, and nothing and nobody must take our eyes off of it. For a time, we are carried by stories, metaphors, and inspiration, and also our own tangible experiences or glimpses, and these we collect and we hold as precious gemstones of self. This is all playing out in the internal arena of the human soul within the body.

 And then, there’s the external arena, where precisely the same theme is playing out on a global landscape. The tower of this reality is crumbling with its dark agendas, insidious light and themes, and the temple of divinity is being quietly ignited by millions of lights. The things that bring fear to you from the external world can assist you in revealing your own tower. The tower of free will, of good and evil, was established as an experiment.

 I revealed to you the idea that the Satan was not anything of evil substance until much later on in religious texts. This should have alerted you and caused the bells to reign in your mind. How could something that is so matter-of-fact in this modern era be nothing of consequence in ancient days? This speaks to intervention, human or God, and it still smacks of agendas and manipulation. Seen through Light eyes, it helped to give humanity the tools to experience their whole nature, their limitations and their individual power. On the dark side, it gave humans the chance to stray so far away from their divine nature or its potential, that they lost contact with the whole universe. Confined to one earth, one planet, an interesting collection of gods, and a history that was deliberately manipulated, humans have been waiting to climb out of that whole karmic soup.


  TTL Mod8 Story 31 Jaylee Balch 

Now, if the Satan was operating under the command of a god and sat on a council to test a human whether they were righteous or not, this should have you thinking with a clarity that perhaps what you have taken for granted and believed for most of your life, to be something of a heavenly and good nature, is perhaps nothing of the kind. Perhaps the Council are other entities from another planet or another dimension. Perhaps there was a council, and humans did have to face the god of that time that walked on earth from wherever they came and The Satan was simply a title that they called the (and we know, I’ve explained it) the adversary, the one that tests, the one that accuses, the one that sees if you have a pure heart. There’s a lot more to this than just the lovely fairy stories that you have been fed all your life. 

You see, I have spoken about reincarnation, sending the souls to the moon and then back again, that there was a “ring pass not” that humans could not pass if they had not undone their karmic, genetic, or ancestral memory. Now this is stuff that sits in your physical self, it sits in your astral, and your lower mental stuff. This I saw myself as I traversed through these layers into the expenses, and now I have been coming to terms with the means to bring this knowledge forward in better ways.The release from earth is energetic, it is devoid of the negativity and the false light of the Tower of Self©.  I shared with you that you go beyond beliefs! A number of times now you should have run with that rabbit hole, that little inkling. Now, ask yourself the right question – then where do beliefs belong? — and you will come to the conclusion that they belong in the tower.

 I once shared with a few of you that there was a moment I dropped all my beliefs. I had none left; I didn’t need beliefs anymore. I’m starting to awaken the juices and the thought forms in your consciousness, and all these things that I’m challenging you about, bringing forward to you, throwing into all the audios that we’ve made, there are a hundred nuggets in those audios. You were never meant to go through them with your intellectual mind. You were to hear the places of intrigue, of curiosity, of something that didn’t make sense, or something that lit your soul up, that caught your attention, so that you could follow those rabbit holes, so that you could move with them into the places where you need to pull the bricks out of the tower of your self. Now contemplate these things. Your beliefs belong in duality, and in the light and the dark. My experience in the heavens was unbelievable, where most souls wish to go, but it was my experience on the other side of heaven that blew my mind. I could observe and experience the landscapes of the cosmos. 

I’ve taught you that you need to reach the sun – remember one of the Opticons? This is not something that you need to do physically, it is something that you need to aspire to so that the correct knowledge can be attracted to you, to prepare you, to bring to you the tools and metaphors, and the guidance so that that can become a possibility. If you reach the sun, your energy field can ascend past the karmic cycles of the solar system. I drew images to show you that there are many kingdoms in the layout of the universe in previous modules.Our belief systems on earth are in infancy, and we are meant to just transform an embryo into a functioning entity that cannot yet walk amongst the stars. That is what your beliefs are designed to do. Your layers, that I described last week (the physical, astral, and lower mental) all play a part in the building of the Tower of Self. I shared with you that you are to observe which part of you is responding, so that you could know why your wings have not grown – yet.

 At the very top of the Tower of Self sits a capstone, a throne. It is the forbidden realm of the ego in control of your entire life story and potential. The moment that you get close to it in consciousness (and remember that any throne in any monarchy can be toppled) it will cause a disturbance in one of your lower three bands (physical, astral, or lower mental) to cause you to move away from it and to become occupied elsewhere. It’ll use your astral issue regarding animals to cause you to be fixated in that area. It’ll use your issues around abuse, control, authority, your safety, security, timing, your expectations, what it is to be a man, to be married, to be single, to be a female. It will use these to cause you to be distracted.


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I was taught to keep my internal eye fixated upon the Kingdom, the Higher Self or God, and not to allow my physical eyes to distract me. When you are getting too close to the ego’s throne, it has a special thread that it pulls, and you will always come undone. You can see that special thread as a plug, or a dark root, and all three of these symbols need pulling! That dark root is one decision that you made when you became emotionally conscious as a child. This decision caused the creation of your Tower of Self©. Every single aspect about you is built upon that cornerstone event. Had your parents been aligned with their Higher Self, you would have made that decision from the heart, but they were not, so you made that decision from your solar plexus. Your parents were out of alignment because their parents were out of alignment because their parents were out of alignment, and that was all that you knew.

 Every single memory, thought, emotion, action, attitude, choice and decision has been made where the very bottom of them is this cornerstone sending its poison into every single one of those. That is why you are totally compromised. I told you, you have both a Tower and a Temple. So, the moment that your Tower collapses, and your dark root, or your thread or your plug is pulled, is the moment that all of you disappears. You may think that this is in time, but this is a supernatural event and defies your ideas about it. This is the moment that you came face to face with yourself – the other Self – the Temple Self, built perfectly, divine and with access to everything possible. It is this Self that has the capacity to reach the sun! The Tower self only reaches to the Moon and back. Throughout all histories, religions and stories lies both the Tower and the Temple knowledge. That is the truth behind the saying, “the scales shall fall from the eyes and ears, and they shall see and hear,” and the rest of humanity are blind and deaf or considered dead because Tower selves are blind and deaf to anything removed from their own individual sense of self.

 I have drawn this drawing many times, but I’ll place it below as a reminder, for the Tower of Self must go through the Hanged Man (in the Tarot card deck) in order to catch a glimpse of the kingdom. In the image, you will see that the kingdom appears to be upside down and in order. You have been shown that this reality is an illusion and that it is merely a reflection of what is real – you just have to look in the mirror for evidence of that. Your consciousness will be turned upside down as a part of your liberation from the enslavement or the opportunity of free will.

 Contemplate these things, for these are the days that all of this will come to pass, and the world itself will go through the Hanged Man, too. 

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