We approach the Ego from a number of directions. Much material focusses upon one aspect of this mystical aspect of the human condition. Our approach attempts to be as holistic as possible, taking into consideration as many angles as needed. Many of the viewing platforms exist only for limited use and as the student progresses, they cease to be of any value but for some, the value is necessary for the time being. Viewing points of observation make all the difference to the way that reality is experienced. It is impossible to view the entire landscape from half way up the hill, and any attempt to reach the apex of the mountain is thwarted by the baggage that a student carries with them. The effort of craning the neck in the right direction does not take the climber any closer to their goal if the baggage buckles their knees and burdens their shoulders.

And so, we approach the climb from two perspectives – the focus on reaching the top through the positive ego and the relinquishing of everything that does not belong by addressing the negative ego.

The negtive ego has collected much of its baggage in an attempt to be prepared for the climb, to be safe and secure and survive the journey, and yet the positive ego knows that it shas everything that it will ever need.

Therein lies a juxtaposition that has the power to confuse millions of seekers and have them spining on their own axis for many lives to come.

Addressing the negative ego is an interesting challenge and lies parallel with facing a many-faceted broken mirror. While one reflection or voice speaks with a smooth tone, the others shout in anger and indignance or hide in shame and hurt. They constantly change and trick the climber with their viewing points of truth.

We are well aware of the games and tendencies of the altered ego and will seldom humour it as it seeks to validate its existence and its enormous baggage.

The main difference between the two ego’s is their point of view. The negative ego looks down upon its world with the need to be on top or looks down fearfully afraid of its own heights.

The positive ego knows where it is, where it is going and is fearless and focussed.


Paul Balch and Jaylee Balch

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