It is not difficult.

It is a personal choice.

It is an unbending act of deliberate focus.

ME has to go through a death (‘Walter’ Annihilation) to a moment of non-self.

There will be temptations that could take you off the straight and narrow and these should be temporary only.

If the initiate meanders off and gets caught – they or may not come out again.

Distractions are a mighty enemy.

No one is too bad to receive full forgiveness or die to their past.

It is the road of 1000 deaths (aggregates of negative ego).

It might be uncomfortable orĀ  sorrowful or painful.

Too much off-the-beaten-path behaviour and you would not be suitable. It would be best if you retreated and completed the egoic needs for now. Why? The teachings can only lift those who can lift themselves . . .

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