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Why am I ME?

If I sit under the big oak tree, who do I see – I see ME

I see the trunk that comes out of the ground and goes into the sky

I see the roots running beneath the grass and the branches waving at me

I see the leaves jumping for joy and enjoying the wind, I see me.

The tree trunk is like my physical body and it is naturally strong

The branches are like my arms and legs and they bend and move freely

The roots are my thoughts and feelings, hidden from the world

But helping me to grow and become the best I can be – ME!

The leaves are how I see myself and how I like people to see ME.

Some can be colorful and bright, some can be like autumn and spring

Some leaves are bare or they can be red, blue and yellow mixed together

If I am an Oak, I will have oak tree leaves and they will fall off each year

If I am a Fir tree, my leaves would be skinny and almost always a green

If I were a Maple tree, they would have five points and be beautiful

If I were a Pine tree, my needles would be sharp and would fall as a carpet

But a tree is a tree and I am am ME.

The Oak does not steal the leaves from the Pine, and the Maple does not take

The leaves from the Fir; they simply wear the leaves from how they grow

So as I am a tree and I am ME, I will learn what I am and I will let my leaves show

I won’t take what is from others, or steal their leaves, I will learn to be ME

And allow my own leaves to show.

Because a tree grows from inside, from the thoughts and feelings that come

From the roots, deep down in the ground, sending out hundreds of shoots

It collects from the goodness of the soil where it grows

And the water of life that comes with each spring where it flows.

I will be the best tree I can be by always remembering to be ME.


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