Some preparation (work) helps the initiate to die to the attachments of the egoic self.

Most work at this stage, is activating the ‘Other’ and seeding the realised Self.

Most parables and scriptures from all spiritual paths prepare the students for after Self Realisation . . . not before.

Many of the scriptures that I will post are seeds . . .

Many of the seeds will only activate after Self Realisation.

Most scriptures cannot be comprehended by the average person or are twisted for egoic use.

Ego’s cannot comprehend any ancient sacred scriptures.

The Great Work involves the preparation of the the Garden (of Eden) within the initiate.

In this Garden, all scriptures can be understood, and used at will with full activation.

The Tree of Knowledge feeds the lower self (3 chakras).

The Tree of Life can only be found in the Garden.  

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