The “Living Mastery© program is  about you – the unique individual – consciously integrating the natural creative and constructive aspects of  your higher intelligence. This unique process involves meditation,  observation and exercises to stretch your consciousness and expand your mind. You will benefit by learning how  to create new positive emotional,  mental and behavioural patterns.

“The two things that you are in control of are your attitude and your effort!” J.Balch

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Mary Jane Price

Mary Jane Price


Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (USA)

Masters Degree in Sociology with an emphasis on Social Psychology.

Hypnosis Practice in Tiny and Toronto Ontario

Metaphysical Teacher

Address the reasons for:

Anxiety •  Aggression •  Stress •  Pressure •  Failure

Address the reasons for:

Anxiety •  Aggression •  Stress •  Pressure •  Failure



Nicole Dargie

Jaylee Balch


ESCAPE to the peace and tranquillity of a sacred venue . . . next Retreat dates comin SOON!

Place yourself and your daughter in our care for two whole days and take a journey into the sacred garden of trust, inspiration and balance!

Enjoy happy food, discover great company and learn loads about what makes relationships between mothers and daughters enjoyable and successful.

Have fun being outrageous and receive the skills to navigate turbulent times.

There are many gifts which you can give to a daughter . . . none more valuable than footing upon an achievable and loving foundation . . .

Learn the aspects of:

Living powerfully,

loving respectfully and

looking within to

discover individual uniqueness.


2019 Journey Of Power International Retreat

Hosted In Canada

Limited Spaces & Accomodations


Illumination Online Course

Prior Acceptance

Ability to travel


Melanie Veenstra

Certified Yoga Instructor, Consulting Hypnotist, Metaphysical Teacher with Inpowered Living (2017), Eden Energy Foundations, Thai Massage Practitioner, Hot Stone Massage, Energetic Healer, Christos Technique, Metamorphic Technique, B.A.


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