“We are driven to heal and keep our physical bodies strong, but we turn a blind ear and a deaf eye to the other parts of our living universe . . . our emotions, our thoughts and our spirits.”

In this program

You will become aware of your four bodies – and with understanding comes choice! Choice brings change and change ushers in new experiences . . . a new sense of self.

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The Four Bodies begins in . . .








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Login in every week on the required date and read the material supplied. You will need a computer or phone to do this. Your designated teacher will give you tasks and take you through discussions, and will have the choice of an Awareness Pathway© supplied by us or in the teacher’s own voice.

What do we gain from this material?

Knowledge is fundamental to our individual growth and the more we can uncover about our own make-up, the more we can make choices which align with our greatest potentials. Young or mature, rich or poor, educated or not . . . there is no one who can evolve without the exposure to new information. Delivered in an easy and creative manner, the material is a Foundational program, designed for anyone who is curious or seeking to make changes in their lives. Understanding can be a rich field of powerful ideas, which combined with dreams, focus, discplines and desire, can lead to greater fulfillment and a rewarding lifestyle. There are no quick-fixes! But there are avenues of empowerment just waiting to be discovered and applied, digested and integrated.

When you click on that access point below . . . the simplicity of your choices and the scope of your potential is illuminating to say the least. This is your life, you choose!


What to expect:

– Each week, a new topic and knowledge with imagery and concepts.

– Contemplation’s of new ideas of Self

– Awareness Pathways© to download or listen to

– NEW! Audio options on written material 

– A personal access membership sign-in

Extracts from the Material:

∞ In our Foundational programs, the key element is about awareness, and this undercurrent remains a hidden presence throughout all the internal or evolutionary work that we provide to students of the Great Work across the globe.

∞ What has been created throughout your life due to habits, addictions, behaviours, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, decisions, choices and attitudes will take some time to unravel and heal.

∞ Your thoughts are governing your physical body. Your physical healing is a thought away and the levels of (dis)comfort that you are experiencing are being maintained by how you are viewing yourself.

∞ At the end of this online workshop, your four bodies will have a greater ability to work with each other, and you will find that the knowledge of them will have many benefits.

∞ Our physical forms require a number of things before they will allow us to feel comfortable. Our bodies respond well to a healthy lifestyle and they enjoy the healing touch of another, the loving embrace of someone or the nourishing sustenance of good food and laughter. In other words, our bodies love a balanced external and internal environment where safety and security are not at risk and sleep is plentiful.



to sign up, please contact us

at pjbalch@inpowered.org. Our active teacher will email you as soon as possible. The teacher will take you through the  few steps towards the finish line and then you can begin by logging in!




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