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It’s time to start the new you!


Getting our Heads straight!

Module Two

Getting our Hearts straight!


Getting our Bodies straight!

It all begins here . . .

At the tale of an Oak tree

Today’s very first offering takes us to an acorn. Placed within the context of the acorn (such a small and insignificant object in the larger scheme of things), is its destiny to become a large and ancient oak tree. There is also a tale to be told.

Have you ever wondered how it is that a small seed, grown in darkness, alone and seemingly abandoned by its parent, can ignite a flame of desire so great that it bursts forth from the earth in an eagerness that astounds the senses?

This may seem entirely believable, given the earth and its nutrients and the water which gives life and nourishes it. But then comes the next part, and when it prompts beautiful green leaves to unfold as it reaches towards the sunlight, it still remains within our reason and understanding. Nonetheless, it is the last part to which I would like to draw your focus so that it appears clearly in your imagination.

I need to ask you to imagine the Da Vinci painting of Adam and God and how their fingers reach for each other. What is evident is that Adam is barely lifting a finger, and God seems to be doing most of the work!

To bring that back to the acorn seedling . . . there is an impetus for the seedling to reach towards the sun. This need is embedded in the very chemicals, light, fires and consciousness within that seed. Every single molecule of its make-up is designed to reach towards the light.

Is that not comforting?

If the little acorn has that built within its divine design – surely you, human – have that too?

Or perhaps somewhere in the mists of time, lost in bygone ages within the streams of ancestral memory, you once remembered?

My name is Vicki Emlaw. I grew up on a dairy farm. I had absolutely no interest in farming whatsoever. Until I had some free time in my late 20’s. I lived in an isolated community and didn’t know many people and had my days to walk my dog and garden. And just started experimenting with so many vegetable and plants that I knew and didn’t know. I started to get interested in how they grew. I knew about plants as I was forced to help my mother in the garden as a kid. But this was different… I became interested in how they grew. Since then I have been market gardening for 20 years and have grown many things that I had never even dreamed about… and they came to me. I have found a love for heirloom tomatoes and am now a completely bonkers over them. Growing 270 varieties this year in my keen interest in saving seeds and preserving diversity in this way. Being outside every day helps me to hear, see and feel with my fingers, toes and heart how life is for these living plants that help keep me alive.


My tip today is just grow something… doesn’t matter what it is.😁

“The need to be able to laugh at yourself is a crucial tool for moving ahead!”

The TREE is the highest form of WISDOM reached within the plant kingdom before its evolution into the next kingdom.

The longevity of TREES, alongside its heroic power to withstand fire, wind and storm, is known to everyone.

TREE wisdom would encourage us to sit with our back against it and to imagine the TREE juices flowing from it into and through our bodies. (Great spinal healing potential.)

Getting Our Heads Straight!

We sit each day, and we assume many things! We assume that the day will happen without our participation in it and that it will continue regardless of our involvement, attitude, presenceor actions.

We are wrong!

No day would ever happen if even one person was removed from its plan! So, now you are thinking of the deceased or those who ‘cross over’ because they appear removed. I learnt from nature that nothing is removed, ever, it simply exists in a different state of being. For years, I could perceive those who crossed over, and often they would give me messages for loved ones. With these kinds of experiences, it is difficult to ignore the fact that other levels of existence are around us.

So when I say that ‘the day would not exist if one person were to be removed from its plan’ – I am not joking! The existence of each day comprises of what we perceive through our five senses AND what we cannot perceive – other states of existence.

So then, why can we not perceive these other states? Why are they so hard to believe in, and why can we not reach out to those ‘on the other side?’

Well, we can. However, a few re-organizational adjustments in our knowledge will need to be undertaken for that to happen. The primary adjustments would begin with our BELIEFS. Thesetenets certainly have the ability to stabilize us in life, give us hope and meaning, but they can also form a wall of defence which shuts us out from other experiences!

 “When my children were young, I taught them that rocks moved when they were not looking straight at them. The joy we all experienced watching them trying to catch the rocks out, was epic!”

In GETTING OUR HEAD STRAIGHT, we have be willing to change certain beliefs. With commonsense, we would realise that our current beliefs have brought us to this point in the road of life, and I would like to add that this is also a junction . . . a segway onto a different road. At this junction, you are deciding if you will free up some of your beliefs about life. I would like to hint at the fact that you would not be here (taking this course) if this were not a huge nudge in the right direction! Is someone unseen, perhaps hinting or whispering your name?

We have to choose to go with this stream of thought because delicate truffles of knowledge and wisdom arewaiting to whisper into your ear.

 But if you persist on swatting the annoying sensation on your earlobe, thinking that it is bug . . . you will miss the elemental magic that is waiting for you.

 A garden is not a five senses garden. Very littleof it is seen, touched and heard, but you have to believe in what you cannot see and taste and hear for the secret language of nature to speak to you.

 Ask any Divine Gardener . . . they will tell you that they are not completely responsible for the miracles that happen in their garden. It is this kind of belief which we aspire to because this is the kind of belief which heals all ailments!

 Physical medicines are ‘fractionally’ responsible for the healing of a wound, so what are the other components?






[In the ‘Heart of Healing Intensive,’ we take a much closer look at the components for health and well-being]

The other components 

beliefs, willingness, decisions, investment

Let’s Execute This Together!

It is easy to swallow medicine! But if we do not believe in the healing power of that medicine, we might as well swallow coal for all the effect it will have. If you believe in homeopathic medicine or allopathic medicine . . . the one that will work is where your beliefs are strongest.

 Your willingness to find health, balance, peace, love and happiness is crucial! No-one, who is reluctant, will experience the full benefit of any medicine or action towards healing.

You are at the cusp of change, but this is your decision! You may doubt, but at some point, you will need to overcome that doubt. You will need to make an absolute decision to either be healed or be unwell. You decide, and then there is no turning back.

For a certain amount of time you have invested in your unwell-being . . . for whatever reason. Many people are genuinely ill or wounded, but the occasional few just like the attention and love they are so badly desiring. Now it is time to withdraw your investment and take it elsewhere.

An ailment is just a symptom, and some of the causes are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Your investment can be within any of these, or even more than one.

Have you gotten the idea of how little of your day is supported and surrounded by only physical things? There are a plethora of hidden gems in the garden outside but . . . 

. . . the real garden – the one inside YOU – it is where the blossoming of magic truly begins!









There is a floor plan . . . a creative idea . . . which sparked our existence and birth.


1st focus:

Beyond the physical, emotional and mental reasons for your existence, who are you, and why are you here?

You are a Gardener, sorting out your internal garden. Why? So that you can live naturally and in accordance with the creative plan which dreamt you into existence. How? By using the physical garden as a template or landscape so that you can heal, restore, weed, seed, thrive, blossom and be beautifully present during your time here.

It is TIME to pick an excursion into a landscape where you have never been. It must be far enough away so that you need to take transportation, includes at least one meal and has no familiar people, things or experiences. Once you are there – sit for a moment or a while and sense a different YOU. Be still and learn something about YOU that you have never known before. If you do this whole-heartedly and you are present, you will want to email me with your excited findings!

“No two people are the same, as no two flowers are the same. Each is a unique unfolding of a certain dream within them. Each human or oak seed is seeking to become that which it was planted or born to BE. As an oak TREE cannot be a maple TREE, so no human can be anything other than the thought that inspired its creation.”



The secret code of pagans made use of herbal ingredients to send coded messages, which unbelievers could not decipher. Puppy Dog’s Tails was code for a  specific root used for conception.

Over the following month, find time to practise this mantra. You may use the recording or simply sound the mantra the same way on your own. Pay attention to how you feel and what effect this has on your body, emotions and thoughts.

One month from the day you began this course, you will be given access to the next Module of the Divine Gardener! Now grow!

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